Friday, November 5, 2010

My New Red Corvette

We got a good deal on this 1989 red Corvette. We were told it doesn't run, but Jeff put the key in the ignition and it turned over. So tomorrow he is going to see what's running and not.
We actually bought it for the front and rear ends to put into his 1948 Chevy truck.
It still feels good haveing your dream car sitting outside, even if I know I'll never drive it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


We had a quiet Halloween. That's what happens when you live in the country, 100 ft off the main road. Delaney and I decorated Halloween cookies. And then made Grandpa eat them.
Daphne was a Leopard. She isn't walking yet, but she can crawl faster than any baby we have had yet. She is like a flash, especially when she sees you coming after her.

And Delaney was the perfect Tinker Bell.

The girls

Natalie has always been a natural to any sport she tries and in a few days has mastered the Rip Stick that she won in a school contest. The band teacher at Summerville High in Tuolomne City was impressed that she knew what she was doing.
The other thing that Natalie is good at is patience and being able to teach someone else learn a new skill and make them think they did it all by their self.

And in a few short minutes, Allison had mastered the Rip Stick

U.S. Marine Corps Quilt

Dianah made a quilt for a friend of Scott's that is/was a Marine. She did a beautiful job and machine quilted it herself.
She let me quilt the Marine seal. There are four of them in the center with the stars.
I think it all came together rather well.

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