Sunday, October 18, 2009

Redwork Quilt Block

I've been doing the Tisket a Tasket Basket block of the month in Redwork. My friend Lisa is doing her's in applique. I'm starting to set my blocks together so I'll be able to finish the quilt in January after we get the last block in December. Maybe it will be done for our quilt show in March. I never can tell.

Natalie's Ballgame


Natalie plays Shortstop and Centerfield

Her team played in the R&R tournament in Stockton, CA this weekend and..

Took 2nd Place. The last game score was 6-4. Can you tell she really doesn't like her picture taken. Even when she is in outfield and trying to ignore me in the stands.

Salmon at Taylor Creek/Lake Tahoe

This is my best day trip this time of the year. The salmon are so colorful and the walk along the creek is perfect.

Entrance of Taylor Creek along Hwy 89, South end of Lake Tahoe

div> The salmon are spawning and swimming up Taylor Creek into Fallen Leaf Lake.
The plain green/brown fish is the female and the bright red is the male.

They travel in big schools
And as you walk along the path the schools get bigger and

and bigger

The season is ending in a week or two.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Baby Daphne

Daphne Olivia Pheifle is still perfect at 13 days old. Her hair is starting to turn blond and she is getting light eyelashes and brows. Her eyes are the deepest blue you have ever seen.
And just look at those cheeks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My friend Lisa and I got to spend the best part of Saturday visiting. We had lunch, went to a quilt store and had a great road trip to Yuba City. All my favorite things. The quilt on the wall behind us, Lisa made for her Mom

Lake Tahoe

Caples Lake

Silver lake

Jeff and I were able to get away by ourselves last Thursday and take a day trip up into the Sierras. This is my favorite road trip this time of the year. We headed up Hwy 88, past Silver Lake, Caples Lake, Woods Lake, Carson Pass, Red Lake and into Hope Valley.
Okay half of my captions worked and others didn't.
So past Caples Lake is Blue Lake on Carson Pass. The cattle chutes are at Woods Lake. And this is where I fell while trying to get a great picture of Jeff at the chutes. I fell face first but I saved the camera. Notice the aspens have not changed colors yet, still bright green. We came across lots of patches of snow from the previous weekend storm. On to Hope Valley. We stopped for the best homemake pie at Hope Valley Cafe. All of these places have so many memories for Jeff and I when we helped our friend Ed Questo with his cattle up around Woods Lake. We always went with our friend John Bayless. I couldn't take a photo without thinking of at least 3-4 stories of John with each placed we stopped. John Loved Pie.
I'll finishe our trip to Lake Tahoe tomorrow because I have to save time for sleeping and work. And it take to long to upload pics for some reason.