Sunday, March 14, 2010

Perfect Sunday after church. Nikole and I are working on a pieced top "North, South, East and West" from a class we took together in Turlock last year. It uses 3 charm packs, cut in different directions. Very easy. And the weather is beautiful.
Sunny and warm. The temp shows 60 degrees, but it feels like 75. We heard Natalie won all three games at her tournament yesterday in Hemet. She blew the doors off those SoCal girls, when she was last to bat and hit a homerun. Perfect birthday present for her proud dad.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These are two items I entered into our quilt show this past weekend in Manteca. The first is a tote/purse. I don't usually work with oriental fabrics, but I love RED. And I love this purse.
The second pic is a quilt I entered first in a challenge at a quilt shop in Ft. Bragg. The challenge was to choose a paint sample strip and then make a quilt using that color and adding only black and white. This was really fun. When I finally figured out I had chose Chartreuse and not green I was stumped and came up with a poem that I put onto the quilt using fabric ink.
What was I thinking when I chose Chartreuse?
I must have been thinking of the quick, easy, prize winning quilt I would produce.
So off to the quilt store for the right fabric was my excuse,
But finding just the right color was simply abuse.
So, What was I thinking when I chose Chartreuse?
Well, at least it wasn't Puce.
It's one of a kind. But aren't all our quilts "One of a Kind"

This is the Redwork quilt I made for our new grandaughter, Daphne. After I quilted it, I washed it to get the quilting marks out and the red bled only down the left row. I think it might have been the thread and not the fabric. I've been scrubbing for a week now with Tide stain stick. Yes I washed it with Synthrapol and used 2 dye magnets. Sometimes stuff just happens.