Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Row Robin Quilt

I like my rows. Lots of green, my 2nd favorite color next to red. My border fabric coordinates with all this fabric but it has chickens on it. This is looking more African to me. I think I'm going to rethink my border. Dorothea used real leaves for the patterns of the leave row from a trip Char made to Ohio when her 1st grandchild was born. If you click on any pic it will enlarge and you can see the rows better. Go to Barbara Winder's and look at the appliqued bird row. Thanks again to all the ladies that worked so hard on everyone's quilt. And thanks again to the Jerome Idaho Spudettes for this idea of a Round Robin Row Quilt. If anyone is thinking of doing this as a group activity I would suggest this over a round robin medallion quilt top. Rows are easier to get the measurements correct for a group.

Linda Hiatt's Row Robin Quilt

Linda used reproduction fabrics and has beautiful rows for her quilt. Her row of flowers are all her original design. Beautiful applique

Pat Kilpatrick's Row Robin Quilt

Pat has lots of great rows to work with.

Sandra Hadley's Row Robin Quilt

Sandra used left over fabric from another project and it's stunning. I really like the star row by Pat Kilpatrick

Dorothea Knight's Row Robin Quilt

Dorothea paper pieced her flower row. Dianah made the tree row and we decided it looks like popcicles and goes perfect with her quilt

cyndi natzke's row quilt

Cyndi said this is totally out of her comfort zone for colors. We all thought it was stunning and she really was pleased with it. Linda Hiatt's row of appliqued little houses is perfect. I also like the flying geese row.

Char Baker's Row Robin Quilt

Char paper pieced her flower row. This is a great quilt, so many things that are perfect for Char and great work by each quilter. Her 2nd row is baskets with a yo-yo and button in the middle by Cyndi Natzke, the next row is bright and beautiful stars by Dorothea Knight, the animal row by Barbara Winder ( I hope I got that right) is little appliqued squirrels and snails. Each has a charm hanging from their neck. Next is Sandra Hadley's appliqued cabin in the woods for the house row. Then is Janet Dyk's leaves, Pat Kilpatrick's trees with a little red bird on one tree, next I made canning jars, and two jars are canned frogs, because Char likes frogs. and last Dianah Pfiefle did hearts with Char's favorite fabric. I can't wait to see this one done.