Monday, June 28, 2010

4th Round Robin

This is the 4th Round Robin Quilt for the Quilting Spuds in Idaho. Can you find the 4 separate borders. I like this quilt top. I noticed as we get closer to being finished the bigger the quilt is and the less fabric in the box I receive. Only one more left to work on and then I get my original quilt top back. I'm very excited to see all the work the other quilters have done on it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ugly Scaredy Cat Quilt

This is the Round Robin quilt from Idaho. The four squares in the middle are actually cats. I know they look like M's or H's. So it was nicknamed the Ugly Cat Quilt. Well I thought I had a great idea for a wonderful border that would make it look better. My end result seems to be 366 pieces of fabric that make a very nice border, just not on this quilt. Not sure anything will be better.
This is what it looked like when I got it. 2 other quilters had already added their borders.

Monday, June 14, 2010

One Great FHE

We had one fun Family Home Evening. Linda and Dianah's families met us for pizza and a monster bus ride. For $5 each we got a crazy monster bus ride thru a parking lot and it was just plain ol' fun.

Look at the smiles on our faces and this was after the crazy ride. Thanks to Eddie from Torrance, CA. Sorry your truck got stolen in N. Stockton last night. But it goes with the territory.
You can catch Eddie and "The Cool School Bus" at the San Joaquin Co. Fair starting Wednesday thru Sunday.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dianah's Canning Party

We all got goody bags. We all received from Ball two recyclable shopping bags, a box of pectin, 3 small cook books, coupons for canning items, and we took home the jelly and salsa we made plus Dianah made us each a salsa pot holder and gave us her homemade pickles. It was really fun canning with family and friends. It sure beats trying to do the whole thing by yourself. I didn't even mind washing dishes.

Unbelievably good salsa ready to put up in jars

Dianah obviously needs 2 more cooks to help stir the salsa. They were that taste tasters. If they didn't die of food poisoning it was okay for the rest of us to eat

Jennifer has the pepper jelly ready to go in jars

Dianah won a Ball Home Canning party on-line. Kim, Jennifer, me, Bonnie and Sandra all helped each other make salsa and pepper jelly. But I think we did more laughing than canning.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One more promotion

Allison Nash(on right) was promoted from Kindergarten to 1st grade.


Callie received her diploma
Callie giving her Dr. Suess Valedictorian speech at Jerome High School Grad.

Yeah ! Nikole is now a high schooler.

Lisa Horn, Nikole Nash and Austin Hibbard graduate from Glenwood Elementary 8th grade. Nikole and Austin have been in class together since Kindergarten and he is my friend Carmie's grandson.

Nikole giving her class president speech. She also sang the National Anthem.

And summer vacation has started!!

This is the view of the Snake River from the bridge at Twin Falls, Idaho. There were many waterfalls because of the recent rains over Memorial Day weekend
Okay, I'm already bad at this. I want to label my photos, but this is the only one available to post to. Hopefully all the others will post.
So we started out with Nikole's promotion from 8th grade. She was class president and she sang the National Anthem. She received several awards and Grandma was very proud of her.
The next day we left for Jerome and Twin FAlls, Idaho to attend Callie Hall's graduation from Jerome High School and to visit my Aunt Florence Crowl Pirtle. We had snow going over Hwy 80 and hail out of Winnemucca and lots of hard rain in Twin Falls for 2 days. We went to graduation, visit Aunt Florence and by Saturday it was a beautiful day. We went with the Hall Family, Wes, Lisa, Richard and Callie to Haggerman Fossil Days. Complete with a parade and carnival and fair food. Jeff and Richard shared curly fries and Wes and I had a 14" corn Dog. Later that day we went to 1000 Springs and the battery on my camera died. Before the weekend was over we went to Sun Valley, Ketchum and to the summit of the Sawtooth Mnt. overlooking Stanley valley. I swear there are so many beautiful places in Idaho that look just like the Big Island of Hawaii. I also got to meet Lisa's friend and fellow quilter, Dixie. She is remarkable and still perfects her God given talents daily. She gave us a little quilt show. She hand quilts all her tops and I lost count at 23 on her bed. That didn't include the ones in her trunk. She is also a very talented oil painter. We also got to visit my cousin Danny Pinther and his family. Everyone was so nice to be with and we left wondering why we don't make that trip more often. P.S. I only spend money at one quilt shop.